Trends from Milan Furniture Fair, Salone del Mobile 2019

April 23, 2019

Salone del Mobile, Milano, internationally known as Milan Furniture Fair is one of our best sources for trends and inspiration in the furniture and design world. We love taking this annual trip to discover new brands and ideas, as well as taking in the energy of the city of Milan itself and all that it has to offer. Regular gelato breaks are a must! We scoured the fair for inspiration and design ideas, and here are some of our favorite trends that we spotted in Milan.


Marble and wood
A luxurious combination of natural materials and their natural grains that work to create a sophisticated interior



Fluid Sofa Shapes
Pebbles and stones and the flow of water inspire these fluid shapes. There is an organic comfort in natural shapes that combine to create visually beautiful sculptural pieces.



Pink Trend
Move over millennial pink it seems like there is a new tone throwing shade. There were several versions of a salmon pink tone seen throughout the fair showing off a newer, modernist colour shade.


Velvet Upholstery
A piece of furniture covered in velvet becomes a statement piece in its own right. An elegant addition to any space, and variants like chenille velvet, it isn’t stuck only to classical tufted contours but now also works with modern, clean frames.


Floating Beds
Bring an airy flow to your bedroom design with a bed that seems to float in mid air. Enjoy space with no bulk outside the mattress and no rigid obstacles to limit the flow.



Textural Glass
Accent your space with textured glass pieces like a coffee table that combines delicate glass with a modern industrial steel frame. Or alternately create a contemporary look with interior glass and steel doors




Green and Brown Marble
With its classy and elegant finish, marble has been a mainstay through all the interior decades. While the monochrome tones of black and white marble have always been a design staple, a trend seen in Milan was new and contemporary takes on green and brown marble. Using the material combined with clean lines and forms provides a whole new look, and green marble has the jade like qualities that bring luxe to a space.


On Trend Colour Schemes
There will always be a demand for neutral tones but there also seems to be a more adventurous take on the use of colour in interior design. Not only with the accents and accessories but the actual pieces of furniture themselves. The colours we saw the most of were green, pink, and accented by lavender and deep purples as well as mustard yellows.



A trend that still seems to have strength as there is still a big demand for the aesthetic look of terrazzo. Made from marble, glass or granite set in cement or resin, terrazzo usually features a variety of colours on a simple background, and provides an interesting base for many objects from tiles, wallpaper as well as lamps.



Extra Textured Fabrics
Adding onto trends that play with scale, shape and colour, we spotted many fabrics that were visibly heavily textured providing a focal point of interest from afar. One of the many ways to create interest in a muted interior design colour scheme is to play with textures and scale.


And some behind the scenes from sourcing team Moe’s!

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