Our Story


Store Front of Moe's at Vancouver

Our story begins in 1986, when Moe Samieian Sr opened Moe’s as a Fine Rugs and Furniture store in South Granville, Vancouver. Looking to expand the business, Moe’s entered into the wholesale market in 1999 and opened a head office in San Francisco. By the early 2000’s, Sara Samieian and Moe Samieian Jr. joined both their parents after graduating from the University of British Columbia – making Moe’s the family institution it is today.

When the 2008/2009 recession hit, the furniture industry suffered, seeing many of our competitors closing their doors by 2010.  We struggled as well, but believe that struggling and failing is where we learn to grow. The recession caused us to build from the ground up. We decided to illustrate our diverse product and focus on our strength – product development.

Since 2009, we have seen exponential growth in both the retail and wholesale divisions of the company. Having recently launched our Licensee Program in 2017, we have seen great success in expanding the Moe’s brand internationally and look forward to more stores opening in the future. In addition to a growing retail division, we have two major USA showrooms in High Point, NC and Las Vegas NV.

We truly believe that your home should be your oasis. A place that reflects your personality and great sense of style. Our promise to you is that we will always take great care in designing products, giving you customer curated collections with simple design for the everyday home.




Our Values.


Excellent Customer Service by Moe's Home Collection




Our company would not be possible without our customers and amazing staff. Everything we do centers around our guest’s needs & our ability to enhance their well being.  As we look to acquire product, we take customer comments into consideration. For this reason, we like to say that our collections are customer curated.





Moe's Home Collection Staffs.




Our passion for furniture and design is the fuel that drives our business. We started out as a family run business and aim to maintain this feel as we continue to grow each year.





Innovative Collections at Moe's in Denver




We believe it’s important to keep evolving. We challenge the status quo, try new things and leverage our agile structure to make smart decisions and find new opportunities. Moe Samieian Sr likes to say, “there’s always more at Moe’s”.  Every time you walk through our stores or see us at Market, we aim to always show you new and innovative products.





Communities at Moe's Home Collection




“People are our most important asset” we believe in giving back to our people and our community.






Best Quality of Materials and Craftsmanship at Moe's




We believe that what makes a great product is not just the price, but the quality of its materials and craftsmanship. Each product has a story; from where its materials were gathered, to who constructed the item. We work with each of our factories to ensure that there are correct safety standards and fair wages. In fact, before we decide to work with a particular manufacturer, we visit their factories and work towards creating long term relationships with them. We also have our own quality control team who checks each product before it leaves the factory to ensure your product arrives in good condition.