Making the Most of Your Storage Bed

July 24, 2019

Whether you live in the city, or you prefer smaller home living, learning how to creatively organize smaller spaces is something everyone should know. Afterall, a tidy home is a happy home. 

At Moe’s Home Collection, we’re huge fans of furniture built for the modern home–pieces that are stylish but also serve a purpose. That’s why we love storage beds so much. There’s no need to throw away your favourite things or have a cluttered room. Hidden storage under your bed will give you peace of mind, all while keeping your bedroom chic. 

What are the Benefits of Storage Beds? 

  1. They maximise the space in your room and give you more space to work with
  2. They keep your room tidy and organized by providing hidden storage
  3. They make your room easier to clean overall, due to reduced clutter
  4. They add to the overall design of your room and give it a stylish finish

We’ve put together a list of items that you can cleverly hide away using your storage bed.

Extra Bedding 

A storage bed is the perfect spot to store extra blankets, duvets, throws, and pillows. For warmer months during the summer, you may want to decrease the amount of bedding you use. Come wintertime, you can bundle up with your favourite quilt again. Thoughtful underbed storage will also impress any guests staying the night.

Seasonal Clothing Items

Not everyone has the closet space to display their full wardrobe all year round. Instead of putting things away in boxes in a basement or garage (and subsequently forgetting about these items), a storage bed is a great alternative. Your clothing will never be out of reach, and swapping clothing from season to season will be a breeze. Underbed storage is also a great place for keeping accessories such as hats, scarves, and gloves. 

Luggage & Bags

Slip away any luggage or backpacks that are not in use under your storage bed. Sometimes it’s hard to find a home for these larger items and we end up placing them in a corner of a room, which is not ideal. A storage bed is also the perfect place for your family of handbags and purses. 

Board Games

Instead of cluttering up your living space, store away your board game collection under your storage bed. Once a rainy, cozy night comes along, you simply have to choose which game to play!


A storage bed is the perfect, sneaky place to store a present for someone before their big day. And if that present just happens to be for you, we won’t tell…

storage bed


Whether you’ve run out of shelving space, or prefer to keep things out of sight, a storage bed offers plenty of room for books, magazines, and notebooks. You can also keep precious photo albums safely tucked away under your storage bed. 


Your underbed storage can be your go to place to safely put away any electronics, such as laptops, cameras, cables, batteries, chargers, and more. Grouping all of your electronics together will have you feeling tech-savvy. 

As you can see, the possibilities for storage beds are endless! The space is yours to fill. Storage beds allow you to discover the full potential of your room without compromising the size of bed you want. Plus, you won’t need to vacuum under your bed ever again! What more can you ask for?

Click here to see our full bedding selection.

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