How to Incorporate Plants Into Your Home

July 26, 2019

We all have that one friend that is plant-obsessed. Walking into their home is like walking into a lush oasis. Plants breathe life into a space, but getting started can be intimidating. For many folks, what stops them from buying plants is the lack of knowledge on how to add them to their home. 

If living décor isn’t enough to get you excited about the possibility of indoor plants, check out all of the health benefits plants provide! 

Benefits of Plants in Your Home

  1. They purify the air by producing oxygen and removing toxins
  2. They increase the feeling of well-being
  3. They increase productivity and focus
  4. They help lower background noise
  5. They decrease stress and created a relaxed environment
  6. They nurture a greener lifestyle 

Convinced? Follow these tips to incorporate plants into your home and start living a greener life. 

Find the Sweet Spot

Most plants require bright, direct or indirect light in order to thrive. Locate the sunny spots in your home to find out what size of plants your home can adopt. If your home is north-facing and tends to be a bit shadier, don’t worry; There are plenty of plants that are happy in low-light, such as snake plants and devil’s ivy. 

Pick Your Plants

Decide on what kind of plants you want for your home. The most fun part is going plant shopping! Are you going for a tropical vibe? Monsteras, philodendrons, and birds of paradise will achieve that look. Strictly want to stick to air purifiers? Plants like the peace lily, dragon tree, and aloe vera are scientifically proven to purify air the best. Prefer low-maintenance plants that you don’t have to worry about? Go for cacti and succulents. 

Decorate with Pots

Most purchased plants come in a temporary plastic pot. Repot your new plant friends in self-draining, breathable terracotta pots for a uniform look. Or, mix and match your pots for a fun look. If repotting plants isn’t your thing, you can simply place the plastic pot in a decorative pot or woven basket. 

Create Layers

Creating layers with your potted plants makes your space appear more dynamic. Instead of simply placing all of your potted plants on the floor, find different spaces for them. Hang plants high from your ceiling using macrame baskets. Place plants on carts, stands, and stools. Mount extra shelving around sunlit spots. Set plants on countertops and windowsills. Get creative! Playing around with placement will make your home more visually appealing. 

Get a Big Plant

While it’s easier to collect smaller plants and place them around your home, a big plant will take your green look to the next level. Fiddle leaf fig trees, rubber plants, and palms will make your home feel like a tropical vacation. Sometimes all a beautifully styled room is missing is a large plant to create balance. 

Create a Watering Routine

Now that you’ve established plants into your home, it’s time to create a watering routine. Just like your home, plants require upkeep and maintenance. Pick a time and day that works for your schedule to give your plants some TLC. Water, preen, fertilize, and rotate your plants so that they can look their best. 

Are you ready to freshen up your home decor with some greenery? Follow the above tips and you’ll be a plant mom (or dad) in no time! 

Shop our planters for your new plants. Not ready to commit? Check out our wide selection of faux plants.

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