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The Do’s and Don’ts of Family-Friendly Design

August 2, 2019

family friendly design

What would you prefer having: a stylish, tidy home or a big, happy family? Contrary to what many believe, having kids doesn’t mean having to pick one or the other.  It just means learning how to be flexible and creative. Because admittedly, creating a space that is sippy cup and margarita glass friendly (for when the kiddos go to sleep) takes a little ingenuity.

Yes, your home is going to look a little different once you have kids turning it into their indoor playground. But that doesn’t mean your home has to start looking like a full-on daycare. It’s all about finding balance, and that means creating a home that is cozy and chic, but can still withstand just about anything your kids serve up.

Check out the following family-friendly design tips that will keep mom, dad, and kids happy alike.

Do: Take into account who you’re living with. 

The family members you share your roof with will make a big impact on how you design your home. For example, are you living with a newborn baby? Toddlers in their terrible twos? Active children? Moody teenagers? How busy are you and your partner? How often do you clean? Do you have pets? Are you expecting more children? These are all things to take into consideration when decorating your family home.

family friendly design

Don’t: Hold off on decorating.

Many families hold off on decorating for years, waiting until their children grow up and move out. They settle on living with less than ideal furniture, often mismatched and falling apart, in fear of their children destroying anything new. But there’s something to be said about living in a beautiful home. Parents and children will appreciate it alike. You can even get your kids involved in the decorating process by asking their opinion on what kind of furniture, colours, and fabrics they’d like to see in different rooms. Who knows? Getting them involved in the process may even get them to take ownership in keeping your home tidy!

Do: Make space for children.

The most important part of family-friendly design is welcoming children (and all of their toys) into shared spaces in your home, instead of casting them off into bedrooms and basements. Here are some ways to share spaces with children:

  1. Create areas in common rooms like the kitchen and living room where your kids can play games, make art, read books, and use their imagination.
  2. Get adaptable furniture that is easy to move around. Plus, if your furniture is out of the way, children are less likely to destroy it!
  3. Leave opens areas for dance competitions and cozy nooks for reading marathons.
  4. Set up a games table for family nights.
  5. Create a wall designated to family photos and your children’s artwork.

family friendly design

Don’t: Go for a high-maintenance look. 

When decorating your family home, skip the bells and whistles. A simple, comfy, slightly bohemian look is the way to go. Think twice about adding brand new items, cherished antiques, and unnecessary trinkets to your home. Solid, contemporary pieces with a lightly weathered look will last for years to come. Avoid sensitive fabrics and materials like silk, lace, glass, crystal, suede, velvet, and anything else that will make you shed a tear if it is damaged. Opt for comfy leather, heavy-duty fabric, and solid wood. Get furniture that will survive your kids and pets and accentuate the happy chaos that is family life.

Do: Integrate lots of storage.

Clutter is inevitable when managing a busy household but that doesn’t mean it has to take over your entire home. Get creative with your organization! Try the following tricks to add extra storage to your home:

  1. Add floating shelves.
  2. Tuck in woven baskets and storage cubes into open shelving.
  3. Opt for a coffee table that is double-tiered, has drawers, or opens up like a chest for secret storage.
  4. Get a storage bed with drawers.
  5. Get a sofa with hidden storage space.
  6. Get a shoe cubby for your mudroom or home entrance.
  7. Incorporate hooks for hanging items.
  8. Get clear bins of all sizes for organizing smaller items.

And of course, make sure there are plenty of storage options available at your childrens’ height so that they can help clean up too!

Don’t: Buy low-quality furniture.

Don’t skimp on the furniture you buy. It may seem ironic to be splurging on expensive furniture when you have kids that are going to be using it, but that’s exactly why. Get the highest quality furniture you can afford so that it can last through all the wear and tear it’s going to be put through. Look for solid pieces that can withstand being used as a trampoline or jungle gym. Get furniture that will last through all the bumps, spills, and scratches as your kids grow up. This way, your furniture will become a part of the family, not something that ends up in a landfill in a couple of years.

Do: Plan for small disasters. 

Think about one of the most common areas for your family to hang out: the living room. From greasy popcorn falling in between cracks to hot chocolate spilling on pillows to ketchup splattering seats, accidents happen in this high-traffic area. Luckily, sofas like the moisture-repellent and stain-resistant Clay Sectional exist. Its immaculate look will fool your guests, and you’ll never have to cry over a spill again. Even better? The Clay Sectional is modular, meaning you can move around the chairs and ottomans with ease.

family friend design

Running a family and maintaining a beautiful home that reflects your personal style isn’t easy, but with pieces from Moe’s Home Collection, it’s possible. Follow the above decorating tips to create your family’s oasis.

Inside the Life of Vancouver Interior Designer Aleem Kassam | #MYMOES

July 29, 2019

Moe’s Ambassador Aleem Kassam speaks on inspiration, what design truly means to him, and the importance of quality items. 

Born and raised in Vancouver, Aleem formally began his career in Interior Design at the Art Institute of Vancouver. Following a passion that was more than simply entering an industry, he yearned for more. After his education, Aleem studied abroad, gaining a Bachelors Degree of Interior Design & Sustainable Interior Architecture at the Art Institute of Chicago He then left for the Domus Academy in Milan and soon found himself studying at Central Saint Martins in London. 

He was able to reach a wide audience on From the Ground Up, a series broadcast across the world. Soon though, Aleem found himself being drawn back to Vancouver and the company he started years before, Kalu Interiors

Aleem sat down with us to discuss the fluidity of a successful designer, his own journey, and, of course, his love for Moe’s Furniture.

Design for you doesn’t just come into your work, it comes into your lifestyle, your own home, your personal style. What makes you tick? What inspires you?

Aleem Kassam: “What makes a successful designer in any field — whether you’re working for yourself or for someone else — is how you approach it. It’s embedded into your lifestyle, you’re not checking in at 9 and checking out at 5. It’s not a desk job. It’s something that is embedded and ingrained in your lifestyle. It’s in every motion, part, and aspect of your life.

Whether it’s from travel to fashion to your own home and work, to a meal out… [Design is] something you need to be in tune with, in not only your own aesthetic and your own life but also in your aspirations. A lot of times designers get stuck in a set style in what they acknowledge themselves to appear as, whether that’s a pattern or a colour, a design, a style – a lot of times we get stuck in that image and what we want to portray. The way I’ve always approached design is that it is an evolving thing.

If you look at my stuff from several years ago, it’s a complete 180 from what I am doing today and the aesthetic I’m portraying myself as. It’s an evolution. What I get inspired by and what makes me tick and bring into and absorb into my aesthetic is everyday transitional fashion. Travel is also a huge inspiration for me with textiles and colours.

I think of travel in two spectrums: historical and projected future. When I visit a new place I really try to hone in on how that society and culture originated, where they are today and where they’re going in the future. Whether I incorporate that physically into my design or conceptually based on theory or space or other elements.

Side by side, travel and fashion are not only my favourite leisurely things to do but they’re also the source of my greatest inspiration.” 

What Brought You to Moe’s?

AK: “Moe’s has really transformed over the years — I’ve seen them evolve with their aesthetic and it’s been interesting because as creative as designers want to be, we are at the mercy of our suppliers and retailers. One of the things I have always appreciated about Moe’s is the selection and range of styles — the options they have are next to none in the city. You can find anything from traditional to contemporary to transitional along with a lot of finish options and fabric customization. 

By also offering pieces which are readily available or customized options catered for a specific space, this provides us with flexibility on all of our projects! So many of the times we’re at different stages in our design process, so options at this point are key.

Overall, the quality is great. They hand-select their manufacturers and suppliers across the board, whether it’s overseas or in the US. They have quality items with affordable pricing. Sometimes when the client doesn’t have the biggest budget but they want something of good quality — it can be hard to find. Moe’s fills this gap in the market.

I also always feel confident sending my clients into the Showroom, as I know that they’ll find what they need, and sometimes all I need to do is provide a style direction. The products are always thoughtfully curated, and settings presented in a manner that tells the whole story, allowing my clients to envision what might work in their own space. The showroom associates are also friendly, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable, and this confidence is so necessary in a designer and retailer relationship.”

How to Incorporate Plants Into Your Home

July 26, 2019

We all have that one friend that is plant-obsessed. Walking into their home is like walking into a lush oasis. Plants breathe life into a space, but getting started can be intimidating. For many folks, what stops them from buying plants is the lack of knowledge on how to add them to their home. 

If living décor isn’t enough to get you excited about the possibility of indoor plants, check out all of the health benefits plants provide! 

Benefits of Plants in Your Home

  1. They purify the air by producing oxygen and removing toxins
  2. They increase the feeling of well-being
  3. They increase productivity and focus
  4. They help lower background noise
  5. They decrease stress and created a relaxed environment
  6. They nurture a greener lifestyle 

Convinced? Follow these tips to incorporate plants into your home and start living a greener life. 

Find the Sweet Spot

Most plants require bright, direct or indirect light in order to thrive. Locate the sunny spots in your home to find out what size of plants your home can adopt. If your home is north-facing and tends to be a bit shadier, don’t worry; There are plenty of plants that are happy in low-light, such as snake plants and devil’s ivy. 

Pick Your Plants

Decide on what kind of plants you want for your home. The most fun part is going plant shopping! Are you going for a tropical vibe? Monsteras, philodendrons, and birds of paradise will achieve that look. Strictly want to stick to air purifiers? Plants like the peace lily, dragon tree, and aloe vera are scientifically proven to purify air the best. Prefer low-maintenance plants that you don’t have to worry about? Go for cacti and succulents. 

Decorate with Pots

Most purchased plants come in a temporary plastic pot. Repot your new plant friends in self-draining, breathable terracotta pots for a uniform look. Or, mix and match your pots for a fun look. If repotting plants isn’t your thing, you can simply place the plastic pot in a decorative pot or woven basket. 

Create Layers

Creating layers with your potted plants makes your space appear more dynamic. Instead of simply placing all of your potted plants on the floor, find different spaces for them. Hang plants high from your ceiling using macrame baskets. Place plants on carts, stands, and stools. Mount extra shelving around sunlit spots. Set plants on countertops and windowsills. Get creative! Playing around with placement will make your home more visually appealing. 

Get a Big Plant

While it’s easier to collect smaller plants and place them around your home, a big plant will take your green look to the next level. Fiddle leaf fig trees, rubber plants, and palms will make your home feel like a tropical vacation. Sometimes all a beautifully styled room is missing is a large plant to create balance. 

Create a Watering Routine

Now that you’ve established plants into your home, it’s time to create a watering routine. Just like your home, plants require upkeep and maintenance. Pick a time and day that works for your schedule to give your plants some TLC. Water, preen, fertilize, and rotate your plants so that they can look their best. 

Are you ready to freshen up your home decor with some greenery? Follow the above tips and you’ll be a plant mom (or dad) in no time! 

Shop our planters for your new plants. Not ready to commit? Check out our wide selection of faux plants.

Making the Most of Your Storage Bed   

July 24, 2019

Whether you live in the city, or you prefer smaller home living, learning how to creatively organize smaller spaces is something everyone should know. After all, a tidy home is a happy home. 

At Moe’s Home Collection, we’re huge fans of furniture built for the modern home–pieces that are stylish but also serve a purpose. That’s why we love storage beds so much. There’s no need to throw away your favorite things or have a cluttered room. Hidden storage under your bed will give you peace of mind, all while keeping your bedroom chic. 

What are the Benefits of Storage Beds?

  1. They maximize the space in your room and give you more space to work with
  2. They keep your room tidy and organized by providing hidden storage
  3. They make your room easier to clean overall, due to reduced clutter
  4. They add to the overall design of your room and give it a stylish finish 

We’ve put together a list of items that you can cleverly hide away using your storage bed. 

Extra Bedding 

A storage bed is the perfect spot to store extra blankets, duvets, throws, and pillows. For warmer months during the summer, you may want to decrease the amount of bedding you use. Come wintertime, you can bundle up with your favourite quilt again. Thoughtful underbed storage will also impress any guests staying the night.

Seasonal Clothing Items

Not everyone has the closet space to display their full wardrobe all year round. Instead of putting things away in boxes in a basement or garage (and subsequently forgetting about these items), a storage bed is a great alternative. Your clothing will never be out of reach, and swapping clothing from season to season will be a breeze. Underbed storage is also a great place for keeping accessories such as hats, scarves, and gloves. 

Luggage & Bags

Slip away any luggage or backpacks that are not in use under your storage bed. Sometimes it’s hard to find a home for these larger items and we end up placing them in a corner of a room, which is not ideal. A storage bed is also the perfect place for your family of handbags and purses. 

Board Games

Instead of cluttering up your living space, store away your board game collection under your storage bed. Once a rainy, cozy night comes along, you simply have to choose which game to play!


A storage bed is the perfect, sneaky place to store a present for someone before their big day. And if that present just happens to be for you, we won’t tell…


Whether you’ve run out of shelving space, or prefer to keep things out of sight, a storage bed offers plenty of room for books, magazines, and notebooks. You can also keep precious photo albums safely tucked away under your storage bed. 


Your underbed storage can be your go-to place to safely put away any electronics, such as laptops, cameras, cables, batteries, chargers, and more. Grouping all of your electronics together will have you feeling tech-savvy.

As you can see, the possibilities for storage beds are endless! The space is yours to fill. Storage beds allow you to discover the full potential of your room without compromising the size of bed you want. Plus, you won’t need to vacuum under your bed ever again! What more can you ask for?

Click here to see our full selection of bedding options.


Products Featured

  1. Belle Storage Bed (Full Size)
  2. Felix Night Stand
  3. Xavier Table Lamp
  4. Allfresco Throw

Interview with Curtis Vertefeuille | Owner of Moe’s Victoria

July 3, 2019

Earlier this week we sat down for a chat with Curtis Vertefeuille, owner of Moe’s Victoria, our first ever licensee store. We wanted to learn a bit more about his story as well as the various forces that inspire him to do what he does.

Tell us about yourself.

I have daughter who is 22 years old, she lives in Vancouver. I moved from there to the Island about 4 years ago. Just recently, I moved from Sooke to Victoria and now live only a parking lot away from the store which is pretty convenient.

What got you interested in working with MOE’S?

Home décor and interior design have always been a passion of mine. I have a background in textiles and had been working in this area for about 10 years prior to starting at Moe’s. It seemed like a great opportunity to gain even more experience in the design and home furnishing industry.

How long have you been working with the MOE’S family?

Just over 10 years.

5 adjectives to describe the brand

  • Family oriented
  • Trendy
  • Diverse
  • Inspiring
  • Grounded

Favourite interior design trend?


I also love the singer P!nk. Are you sensing a theme?

Favourite MOE’S product?

Glamour Bison Antique Brass

What made you want to open your own store?

I was moving to the island and didn’t want to work somewhere else after my time at Moe’s. I was going to open a store called James Curtis home and sell wholesale goods but about 3 weeks before we opened I got a call from Moe Jr who suggested that I open up a Moe’s store instead. The rest is history.

What do you love about Victoria?

People are nice, like really nice, it’s so crazy. Sometimes I wonder if there’s something wrong with them.  The food scene here is also fantastic!

Favourite thing to do in Victoria?

Try new restaurants, my favourite at the moment is The Brasserie. Oh and also work

Where do you get your style inspiration?

I was born with it (laughs). I tend to march to the beat of my own drum. I don’t follow trends, I’m my own trend.

Favourite place to travel?

I loved my time in Colombia. The people are so nice and the food is amazing! My dream destination is Italy and after that I would love to explore the rest of Europe

Anything else?

Make sure to stop by and say hi!

523 Fisgard St
Victoria, BC V8W 1R3

Phone 250-590-6637
Toll Free 1-800-990-MOES

Store Hours
Monday to Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sundays 12pm – 5pm
Holidays 10am – 6pm

To see a full list of all our licensee locations check the locations tab!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May 4, 2019

Are you looking for inspiration or ideas of what to buy for Mother’s Day? In case you don’t already have a gift for the most special woman in your life, we are here to help you get the perfect gift for Mom. We have rounded up our favorite list of great and stylish gifts, scroll through and shop below!

Gold accents make an interior detail that make a space glow

For display of her favorite pieces of jewelry or to create dimension with colorful vases!

Perfect for adding definition and texture to a space, the Lamb fur pillows add a pop of color to accent furniture.

Embody the feeling of having the world to yourself just before the dawn with this colorful acrylic painting.

Add a retro touch with this vibrant, orange bowl.

A glamorous goat-fur pillow in an exotic leopard print.

This stylish Terrazzo marbled lamp is perfect for adding modern artistic flare to Mom’s space

Add a pop of colour to your space with the Mediterranean Wall Décor.




Trends from Milan Furniture Fair, Salone del Mobile 2019

April 23, 2019

Salone del Mobile, Milano, internationally known as Milan Furniture Fair is one of our best sources for trends and inspiration in the furniture and design world. We love taking this annual trip to discover new brands and ideas, as well as taking in the energy of the city of Milan itself and all that it has to offer. Regular gelato breaks are a must! We scoured the fair for inspiration and design ideas, and here are some of our favorite trends that we spotted in Milan.


Marble and wood
A luxurious combination of natural materials and their natural grains that work to create a sophisticated interior



Fluid Sofa Shapes
Pebbles and stones and the flow of water inspire these fluid shapes. There is an organic comfort in natural shapes that combine to create visually beautiful sculptural pieces.



Pink Trend
Move over millennial pink it seems like there is a new tone throwing shade. There were several versions of a salmon pink tone seen throughout the fair showing off a newer, modernist colour shade.


Velvet Upholstery
A piece of furniture covered in velvet becomes a statement piece in its own right. An elegant addition to any space, and variants like chenille velvet, it isn’t stuck only to classical tufted contours but now also works with modern, clean frames.


Floating Beds
Bring an airy flow to your bedroom design with a bed that seems to float in mid air. Enjoy space with no bulk outside the mattress and no rigid obstacles to limit the flow.



Textural Glass
Accent your space with textured glass pieces like a coffee table that combines delicate glass with a modern industrial steel frame. Or alternately create a contemporary look with interior glass and steel doors




Green and Brown Marble
With its classy and elegant finish, marble has been a mainstay through all the interior decades. While the monochrome tones of black and white marble have always been a design staple, a trend seen in Milan was new and contemporary takes on green and brown marble. Using the material combined with clean lines and forms provides a whole new look, and green marble has the jade like qualities that bring luxe to a space.




On Trend Colour Schemes
There will always be a demand for neutral tones but there also seems to be a more adventurous take on the use of colour in interior design. Not only with the accents and accessories but the actual pieces of furniture themselves. The colours we saw the most of were green, pink, and accented by lavender and deep purples as well as mustard yellows.



A trend that still seems to have strength as there is still a big demand for the aesthetic look of terrazzo. Made from marble, glass or granite set in cement or resin, terrazzo usually features a variety of colours on a simple background, and provides an interesting base for many objects from tiles, wallpaper as well as lamps.



Extra Textured Fabrics
Adding onto trends that play with scale, shape and colour, we spotted many fabrics that were visibly heavily textured providing a focal point of interest from afar. One of the many ways to create interest in a muted interior design colour scheme is to play with textures and scale.


And some behind the scenes from sourcing team Moe’s!

View more ideas in these unexpected interior design trends we are seeing in 2019!


Keep an Eye on These Unexpected Interior Design Trends in 2019

March 13, 2019

In partnership with Decor Aid raphael and optic living

The tides have once again shifted with the New Year and interior design’s most innovative and intriguing frontrunners have started to emerge against the redundant and tired decor trends of the past. There is no one direction for 2019—in fact, trends are sprawling across different avenues, from bold additions to pared-downed solutions. And while there are shifts in popularity to be expected, some of these trends are downright surprising.


Keeping up with new introductions in the interior design world is a full-time job, which is why we’ve consulted our designers. Read on to see what they’ve been keeping an eye on, what they’re currently fascinated by, and what we can expect to see more of this year. Consider using these in your 2019 renovations to be ahead of the curve when designing your chic new space. 



Most know terrazzo as the sterile, outdated looking flooring that lines hospitals, government buildings, and offices, in which stylish interior design would not be the first phrase that comes to mind. Terrazzo of the past was hit or miss, with the hits being far and few between, but it has made a comeback with a fresh perspective on patterns and materials. Many designers have incorporated terrazzo prints into their upholstery, wallpaper, and even reimagined classic terrazzo flooring and countertops. “Terrazzo was very of its time, but it’s making an appearance in tile, flooring, and decor in a refreshing new way. It’s a pattern that really speaks for the aesthetic of the whole room. You easily get a sense of who the homeowner is”, says designer Aliana F.

The ideal color scheme to give these flecks of color a new life is a warmer, more earthy palette. Look for apricot and peach shades that incorporate green and blue to bring a true retro look to your space. This pattern is cheeky, with a vintage throwback feel that is undeniable. Including a terrazzo floor, wallpaper, or print into the space can bring a playful reference to the past with ease.


Bright Velvets

“Velvet brings an unimaginably glam addition to any room. There is no other fabric that delivers the same effect at first glance”, says designer Francesca R. And it’s true—velvet brings an old-glamour, vintage touch to a room, even if it is a contemporary piece. And while we typically envision velvet in dark and decadent shades, our designers have noticed an uptick of loud and proud shades using this fabric to mix this old school glamour with contemporary shades.

Designers are making bolder choices with vivid jewel tones and primary colors, and it’s been able to effectively reimagine the ways in which velvet can be used, as well as create some visibly striking, unique statement pieces. You’ll notice velvet couches or accent chairs made of cobalt, red, or mustard as pieces used to really define the style of the room.

Buckingham Living


Wallpaper Backsplashes

“I will always, always, always love adding wallpaper to small and unexpected places. There’s nothing that adds the same visual punch”, gushes designer Kelli B. What to do with small spaces that seem to serve no design purpose? Add a touch of wallpaper. We’re talking about areas like the inside of your bookcase, inside kitchen cabinets, as a countertop backsplash, and in other areas that are set back. This also works in home or apartment layouts that have an alcove or recessed walls that could use a little punch of style. This gives your space an added pop of style in an unexpected and surprising way. Most of us wish we could find the right way to incorporate a beautiful print to our space without overdoing it, and with areas like this, you may have found your match. Use wallpaper in smaller spaces to further the look of your design in a unique way.


Black Kitchens

Sleek, dramatic, and sophisticated—three words that are more prone to be used to describe a bedroom or living room than a kitchen. This year, black kitchens are in, making kitchens more elevated than ever.

Black never goes out of style. And while we typically think of kitchens as bright and airy spaces that use palettes that inspire warmth and comfort, black just brings a timeless chic sensibility that we can’t argue against. You’ll find black kitchens to be extra popular in cities around the globe, as it’s an excellent way to work with what might be limited space and still inspire that stylish, cool feel.

Our designer Christine M. is a long-time fan: “I’ve been into darker kitchens for a while now. And is there anything more chic than a matte black kitchen? Our expected palettes for specific rooms are changing, and this is one of my favorite new trends to emerge from that. I’m glad the rest of the design world has caught on.”

Decor Aid’s interior designers also recommend adding different colors and finishes into the mix so that the black doesn’t feel all encompassing and make your kitchen appear smaller. Look to white marble countertops and brass or gold hardware to really get the most from this trend.

Keeping it Fresh with Field & Social

March 6, 2019

field & social

Established in the bustling city of Vancouver in 2016, Field & Social has quickly gained a name for itself in the gastronomical scene. Field & Social is a health conscious eatery that prides itself on its thoughtfully crafted creations made from fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Here at Moe’s Home Collection, we’ve got a crush on Field & Social. One of the perks of working with us are our monthly staff lunches most often catered by Field & Social. We believe that if you eat well, you’ll feel great–and we’re all about our employees feeling good while doing the work they love.

We’re passionate about collaborating with like-minded people–we even helped co-design Field & Social’s downtown space! Many of their pieces, like their free-standing bar stools and communal wood tables, were furnished by Moe’s Home Collection. The salad shop was styled to perfection by interior design company Janks Design Group. Mixing natural and industrial elements, they were able to create a space of Scandinavian simplicity that is fresh, like their food, and modern, like their approach.

We sat down with Barbora Samieian, co-founder of Field & Social, to find out more about our favorite salad shop and its design influences.


What inspired you to open Field & Social in Vancouver?

We saw a need for quick-serve healthy options that marry delicious food with a thoughtful aesthetic.


What inspires your dishes? How often do you rotate your menu?

Our team is inspired by the food we eat when we travel, the seasons in BC, and our customers! We have 5-6 core salads and rotate the rest every 8-10 weeks.


How did you come up with the design for your store? Was there certain inspiration behind specific pieces?

We always envisioned the space as a place for the community to gather and collaborate, not only over a meal, but through events such as workshops and pop-up lunches. The communal tables were an important center piece for the space. We also wanted to encourage bar seating to take advantage of the bright natural light streaming into the space. The copper fixtures we have in the store bring some warmth, making the shop feel more inviting.

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We’ve heard Field & Social sources all of its ingredients locally. Tell us about your reason for wanting to work with local producers? 

We try to source local as much as we can, and we’re proud to work with many local producers, such as: Tempea Tempeh, GRAIN for our Canadian sourced grains, Blue Heron Creamery for our vegan cheese, and of course, Dickie’s Ginger Beer, the Juice Truck, and Culture Craft Kombucha for our drinks.

We are very fresh based–we make all of our dressings in-house and cook our grains and veggies fresh every day. The quality of the ingredients, as well as the relationships with suppliers in our community, are really important to our team and customers. We source our local ingredients for two main reasons: their quality, and our commitment to being environmentally sustainable.

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We love your focus on collaborations within the community. Can you tell us more about some collaborations or initiatives Field & Social is passionate about?

Chef Canada finalist Mark Singson, to registered dietitian Lindsay Pleskot–we love collaborating with friends in the community on both menus and events. In the past we’ve done a brunch series with Juno Kim, cocktail making workshops with Max Borrowman, and had flower arrangements created by Celsia Floral. We also support the community through Mealshare, where $1 from every Smoked Salmon + Dill salad we sell is donated to their amazing program to provide a meal for a youth in need.


Field & Social just celebrated their two-year anniversary. What can Field & Social fans look forward to in the years to come?

We’re excited to continue growing, experimenting, and collaborating! Also, we have a new location that just opened up downtown!


Visit Field & Social:

415 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1X4

214-1055 West Georgia, Vancouver BC V6B 0K9 (now open!)

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Holiday Floral Arrangements

December 18, 2018

Whether it’s a holiday dinner, or a boxing day get together, we are all bound to be hosting or attending a dinner party this season. Our dining tables become central to all gatherings with family and friends. This year, as you’re putting a holiday table setting together, or getting reading to head to another dinner party, don’t hesitate to make a holiday floral arrangement. Adding a floral element to your table is an easy way to elevate your space. By adding a pop of color, your table is not only brighter, but the freshness of the spruce, cedar, and eucalyptus will add a wonderful fragrance to your home. I’ve also found that giving my friends and family a holiday arrangement is better than a gift!


Flowers have the ability transform a space. Whether you want to make a specific centrepiece for your dinner setting or simply liven up your table throughout the season, having the right shape of arrangement can make all the difference.

We prefer to match our style of arrangement with the table we have. For instance, if we have a rectangular table, like the Florence Rectangular Dining Table, we’ll make a longer arrangement to take advantage of the table length.

For this arrangement, we opted for an oval vase. Starting with foliage, we placed pieces of spruce, cedar, eucalyptus and pine together to form a sturdy base for our flowers. We then added in red daisies, white chrysanthemums, and freesia’s. Our final touches were some red winterberries for an added festive feel. Feel free to use your own variety of flowers and foliage- after all, this is all about customizing your space for the holiday season!

The same process can be used when creating a circular arrangement. You can determine the size of your arrangement based on whether or not you want your arrangement to be on your table during the main course. We opted for a smaller sized arrangement for the Fenwick Round Dining Table so that we could have space for our place settings.

When making circular arrangements, I find it best to start with a making a tape grid. I do 5×5 sections across my vase. This will aid in arranging the flowers and keep them in place afterwards! If you do choose to make a grid, pour in your water after creating the grid. This will ensure that your tape sticks to the vase and does not peel off.  Now, you can add in your foliage base. We used the same foliage as above (cedar, spruce, and eucalyptus). When you are happy with your foliage base, you can begin to add in your larger flowers (in this case the red daisies). Follow up with some more delicate flowers (freesias and chrysanthemum) after and add in your winterberries as the final touch!

Happy Holidays!