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Tre Flowers suits up with Moe’s Home Collection  + Ticket Giveaway

September 9, 2019

tre flowers

Summer may be long gone but sports fans have something to look forward to this fall: football season is back! The 2019 NFL season kicked off this weekend with the Chicago Bears hosting the Green Bay Packers. This marks the 100th season of the National Football League. Whether you’re an avid supporter from the start of the season, or prefer to pop in for snacks during playoffs, we love how football season has a way of uniting family and friends alike.

Tre Flowers suits up with Moe’s Home Collection 

We count ourselves lucky to style the homes of our many customers, including football cornerback Tre Flowers from the Seattle Seahawks. We recently fitted his Seattle living space to create the perfect Game Day setting. We opted for ample, comfy pieces for hanging out with his family, expansive surface areas to place drinks and munchies on, and a few accent pieces to showcase his style. 

tre flowers

Tre Flowers sinking into the plush seats of the Clay Modular Sectional.

Featured products:

  1. The Clay Dream Modular Sectional 
  2. The Hydra Vase
  3. Darkness Wall Decor 
  4. The Nicky Throw
  5. The Celeste Coffee Table
  6. The Celeste Side Table

The Clay Modular Sectional, designed for Game Day

Our Clay Modular Sectional shines during Game Day.  Its modular design allows you to watch the game any way you like: from the edge of your seat, cozied up with loved ones, or lounging on your own–there’s even room for a post-game nap! The modular form of the Clay Modular Sectional fits the unique space of your home, so that come Game Day, you’re ready.

The Clay Modular Sectional comes in three color options: 

  1. Cream (made with 100% polyester LiveSmart fabric)
  2. Light gray (made with 100% polyester LiveSmart fabric)
  3. Dark gray (made with 100% nubuck top-grain leather)clay living

The Clay Modular Sectional is spill-proof, so that you can keep your eyes on the screen. 

Spilled salsa? Splashed beer? Popcorn crumbs? Brownie bits? Never let a mess take away from game time again. Don’t let the spotless look of the Clay Modular Sectional fool you; this sofa was designed for accidents. It comes in a moisture-repellent and stain-resistant option made from 100% polyester LiveSmart fabric. This sofa will withstand every game day splash and spill so that you can focus on what matters most: watching your team play to victory!

Facebook giveaway

To celebrate the start of football season we’ve teamed up with  Tre to give away two pairs of Seahawks tickets to two lucky winners. Check out our Facebook post for all of the details! Winners will be announced via our Instagram stories on Monday September 30, 2019. 

How to Pick the Best Dining Table for Your Home

September 4, 2019

bent dining table

Just like a sofa is the focal point of your living room, a dining table plays a huge role in your dining room. It’s the setting for countless dinner parties, late-night cram sessions, arts and crafts projects, and deep discussions. A spot where you share tea, cookies, jokes, gossip, and apologies. 

With dining tables playing such a huge role in our lives, how do we find our table soulmate? When searching for the perfect dining table, keep size, shape, material, lifestyle, and style in mind.

One size does not fit all

Grab the ol’ measuring tape to find out exactly what size of table your space can fit. Make sure to factor in room for chairs, walkways, and doorways. 

Small Spaces – For smaller spaces, rectangular tables work well. Because of their slim fit, they slide easily against a wall and are simple to navigate around when pulled out. Even better, a rectangular table can fit up to six guests.

Small spaces are also great for a classic round tabletop, which takes up less space because of its lack of corners. 

tanya round dining table

The round shape of the Tanya Dining Table allows for easy flow in your living space.

Large Spaces Larger spaces give you more freedom, but sometimes they can be a bit intimidating. To fill a large space, opt for a long, rectangular table that fits at least six people and has the option to extend. 

bent dining table

The smoky Bent Dining Table is a unique option with its matching Bent Bench to add extra seating to your dining table.

Average-Sized Spaces If your shape is neither big or small, the choice is yours! Just make sure to keep balance in mind. 

Pick a shape, any shape 

When it comes to shape, you have a few options to work with. Deciding on shape depends on the size of your room and what kind of lines you prefer: straight and angular, or soft and curved?

Rectangular Rectangular tables tend to fit the most people and mimic the natural shape of a dining room. 

malibu dining table

The Malibu Dining Table offers plenty of elbow and leg space for guests. 

Oval An oval-shaped table works best in a long, rectangular room.

Round – Round tables work well in more compact rooms. They tend to create a cozier, more dynamic dining feel and are great for small group settings. 

Square – Square shaped tables are great for smaller rooms that are looking to save space, as they can be pushed into a corner.

Investing in material

An important factor to consider when buying a dining table is its material and construction. A dining table is an investment and you want it to be enjoyed for years to come. 

Wood – Wooden tables bring a natural, down-to-earth look to a room. Solid wood is hardy and its craftsmanship won’t disappoint you. If you’re on a budget, you can look at more affordable options such as MDF or wood veneer, which are strong contestants in look and quality. 

Glass – Glass tables are a great option for smaller spaces because their transparency opens up a room. Their polished look also tends to make a space look chicer. 

Marble – Marble tables are cool and refined. Their heavy nature gives a look of permanence and if they’re taken care of properly, they will be admired for years. 

Lavastone – Lavastone is a natural and indestructible material. Unlike marble, it is also nonporous, which means you won’t have to stress if there’s a spill.

sable dining table

If you’re looking for a unique and tough material, the lava stone Sable Dining Table is for you. 

Matching your lifestyle

Something else to consider when picking a dining table is your social life. How many people live in your home, and how many come and visit? First, factor in the number of members in your household. If there’s only a handful of you, something on the snug, smaller side is great for conversations over meals or work.

jinxx dining table

The marble-and-acacia Jinx Dining Table doesn’t compromise style with its comfortable, round look. 

Next, consider how often you have guests over. Do you have a lot of family visit from out of town? Do you enjoy hosting game nights or dinner parties? If this is the case, you’re probably looking for something more communal, whether that be a longer table or something with the option to extend.

Matching your (excellent) style

Arguably the best part about picking furniture is matching it to the unique style of your home! While the rooms in your home don’t have to match completely, it does create a visually-appealing look of cohesion, especially when your dining room opens up to your kitchen or living room. 

If you have space, you can consider going for a dining table that also works as a statement piece, such as the Bird Dining Table, which is anything but simple. Its solid oak tabletop features a live edge, giving each table its own unique design and character. 

bird dining table

Picking the perfect dining table for your home is a lot easier when you take size, shape, lifestyle, and style into consideration to narrow down your options. At the end of the day, it’s not about the table at all, it’s about the meaningful gatherings that take place.

Shop dining tables at Moe’s Home Collection. 


August 30, 2019

The Greek by Anatoli: A place where pairing Greek food with hip hop makes sense.

Everything, from the way their kitchen produces incredibly tasty food, the traditional-but-untraditional decor, and the riotous vibes that pump out of the front doors and onto the Yaletown and Gastown sidewalks every weekend speaks to the owners’ attitudes. They’re fun-loving, caring people from an energetic Greek family and they know — to say the least — how to have a great time. 

We spoke with Moe’s Ambassador Iani Makris, one of the part-owners and son of Anatoli Souvlaki’s founders, Thomas Makris and Helen Babalos. He shed light on why they use Moe’s for the furniture and decor, their creative edge in the business, and his own life goals. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got involved in the industry?

Iani Makris: I was born and raised in a restaurant in North Vancouver, Anatoli Souvlaki. My parents started it the year I was born and we lived above it. I bought my father out of the business ten years ago, 5 years ago [my little brother, cousin, and I] decided to open a restaurant in Yaletown. We called it The Greek by Anatoli. Eventually, we took a shot at Gastown, too. So now we have three restaurants in Vancouver. 

I’m a father of two — I delivered my second baby in the back of our car on the way to the hospital. I’m an avid hockey fan and player and I shop at Moe’s. They’ve been good to me for the 25 years I’ve known them.”

I know in the restaurant business a lot of what makes a restaurant successful is the food, but second is the environment. Tell us about the environment you created, what kind of design elements you’ve used?

IM: “We were lucky in our Yaletown and Gastown locations, there’s a lot of exposed brick which is true to both areas. Red and white isour theme, my grandmother is from Asia Minor (what is now Turkey), she’s from that area and it’s warmer, which makes sense with the red. We’ve kept that theme throughout two of the three restaurants. The sheep is also very fitting. It’s awesome, really cute.” 

Here, Iani is referring to a sheep statue curated by Moe’s for The Greek. It’s a lighthearted, off-beat piece perfect for the restaurant’s fun-loving nature.

IM: “We wanted to open a restaurant where we can serve our Greek food with hip hop. A lot of inspiration comes from Mykonos — open-air bars with string lights running through the restaurant. You get that feeling when you walk in — that we cater to a fresher, younger crowd. We’re not your traditional blue and white cabana.” 

What does family mean to you and how does that play a part in your career?

IM: “Growing up in a restaurant, my employees are like my family. I’ve been surrounded by family in the business as well as outside. Family is very important to us as Greeks. Have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? It’s very true to Greek culture. 

I was raised by my grandmother alongside my parents, so a lot of the recipes that come through this place are from her and my father.”

Iani goes on to tell us how his mother provides him with the ‘life goals’ of being as happy as her every day and to be a supportive, positive influence. She is, he describes, the entrepreneur of his family and is a strong woman and teacher. His younger brother, however, was the driving force behind getting Iani out of the kitchen, into the front-of-house and eventually owning their own place.

IM: “We have two chefs, one Cypriot and one Albanian,  both trained in greek cooking. The Cypriot adds a lot of myth to our cooking, gives us a bit of an edge. So, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Albania — we’re a hybrid.” 

The Turkish, Greek, Cypriot and Albanian influences do give The Greek a creative edge. Their food, as well as their ambience, make it a restaurant unlike any other in Vancouver. Their distinctive, homey-yet-urban vibe is, in part, created by the decor from Moe’s. 

Moe’s can provide an edgy, modern look (as we’ve witnessed through Aleem Kassam’s eyes) or a warm, distinctive and fun vibe perfect for a place like The Greek.  The takeaway? The pieces at Moe’s can be moulded to fit your place’s attitude. 

You’ve got quite the history with Moe’s. Tell me what your relationship has been like with them? 

IM: “I’m an entrepreneur and Moe Senior is quite the entrepreneur, too. I grew up with [his son] Moe Junior, we played baseball and hockey together, we had sleepovers. Now, I admire [Sarah and Moe Junior’s] business practices and hope to one day be in their position as well. Life goals.”

What’s the ambition right now?

IM: “The ambition should always be to expand and restaurants are all I know. But you should never look too far ahead — opening these three restaurants haven’t been without their challenges.” 

Iani tells us he “works to live, not lives to work” — and this is obvious through his attitude, his love for his family, and the incredibly fun restaurants he’s fostered.

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Furniture

It’s almost September. You know what that means. Back-to-school. The beginning of autumn. Before you know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be right around the corner. And with the holidays comes preparation, including cleaning your furniture in time for the arrival of your guests.

Luckily, we’ve put together the ultimate furniture cleaning guide to prepare you! Read our following care guide carefully, so that your Moe’s furniture looks brand new every day. 

General Care Tips & Tricks

Vacuums are your best friend – Vacuum fabric regularly using the upholstery attachment and crevice tool of your vacuum. Not only will this keep the fabric clean, but it will make it last longer because dust and dirt cause quicker wear. 

On rotation – While flipping a cushion won’t make a stain disappear, regularly flipping and rotating seat cushions and back pillows distributes wear and increases the lifetime of your piece.

Fluff it – Fluff feather and down cushions frequently to keep their fluffy cloud appearance. To prevent the annoying sensation of feathers poking through the fabric, unzip the cushion cover and vacuum in between the cover and cushion using an upholstery attachment. 

Smooth it Some attached cushions may stretch or wrinkle over time with use. Recover their appearance by smoothing the fabric down and tucking it into the sides or back of the seat–just like new! 

Leave it for the professionals – DIY is great, but sometimes some fabrics require a little extra TLC. Getting furniture cleaned by a professional upholstery cleaning service periodically is well worth the money.

Protection & Warnings

Use chemicals with caution – Be careful when using household cleaning products around your furniture, including fabric fresheners, as some chemicals may stain and damage natural fibers and fabrics.

Keep away completely – Keep sharp objects away from furniture if you want to avoid permanent scratches. Watch out for Velcro as well, as it can cause pulling in fabrics.  

Keep it shaded – Sunbeams are great for catnaps but don’t place furniture in direct sunlight. UV rays will fade and damage fabric, leather, and wood furniture. 

Nobody likes a sunburn, and that includes the Messina Leather Sofa. Place it away from direct sunlight.

Spills & Spot Cleaning

Blot – If a spill occurs, immediately blot the fabric with a clean, absorbent towel. Blot from the outside to the middle of the affected area to avoid moisture rings. 

Leave it for the professionals – For best results, have stains professionally taken care of by an upholstery cleaning service.

Spot test – If you decide to spot clean on your own, please test any cleaning agents on a small inconspicuous area of the fabric first. 

clay sectional

No need to worry about spills or spots with the Clay Sectional, which offers total barrier protection.  


Pilling got you down? Don’t worry, pilling does not necessarily mean your fabric is falling apart. Pilling simply happens as a result of natural friction on a fabric surface, causing the fabric’s fibers to loosen and tangle. 

The best way to beat pilling is by regularly shaving the fabric with a furniture or sweater shaver to restore the look. Over time, pilling will decrease and eventually stop completely–hurrah!

Leather Care

Leather is a popular fabric for furniture due to its high-quality and durability. Who doesn’t want a piece that will last a lifetime? 

Wipe leather furniture down regularly with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. For stubborn patches of dust, dampen the cloth with a small amount of water. Do not let water soak into the leather. Keep a leather-specific cleaner on hand for emergency spills.

Helpful tip #1 – If a spill occurs, do not apply water or try to wash a grease spot. Over time, the grease spot should begin to blend into the leather.

Helpful tip #2 – Use a chamois or clean finger to gently buff scratches. The friction and heat from rubbing, in addition to the natural oils in your hands, will help redistribute the finish in the surrounding areas to cover the scratch. 

Top-grain leather will wear with a unique worn patina over time, making the Ramsay Leather Chaise a one-of-a-kind piece for your home. 

Fabric Care

When discussing fabric care, the category includes the following upholstery fabrics: 

  1. Wool
  2. Viscose
  3. Cotton
  4. Polyester 

The best way to care for fabric is to develop a regular vacuuming routine using an upholstery attachment to get in between the crevices. You know the strange vacuum attachment that no one ever uses? Cleaning fabric furniture is what this piece is designed for–so use it!  

As for spills, avoid the urge to scrub at all costs. Instead, simply place a soft, absorbent cloth or paper towel over the spill and allow it to work its magic. After the spill has dried, assess the stain again. If needed, mix a small dollop of dishwashing detergent with water and apply to the stain. Gently blot the area and air dry. 

Time is of the essence when cleaning up a fabric spill, such as on the Evora Arm Chair. 

Velvet Care

Velvet is a popular fabric known for its smooth good looks. Like other fabrics, it should be vacuumed regularly using the fabric attachment on a vacuum. Vacuuming is especially important for velvet because it keeps it looking tidy and the fibers standing up. 

One common complaint with velvet are “crush marks,” long silvery lines that run through the fabric. You’ll often notice these when a velvet piece first arrives in its packaging, a heavy item has been stacked on top of velvet, or after a long TV marathon (hey, no shame). Don’t worry, these crush marks are easy to combat. Crush marks can be removed using a steamer to gently lift the pile back up and eliminate the creases. Steam regularly to keep your velvet looking fresh as heck. 

For spills, follow the same care instructions as for fabric above. Make sure to work as quickly as possible and to avoid scrubbing. For any major accidents, consult with an upholstery cleaning company. 

Wood Care

Wood is a natural material that brings charm and warmth to any space. When you look at wooden furniture you think: classic and sturdy. Treat your wooden furniture right and it’ll be good back to you. 

Wipe wooden furniture down regularly with a clean, dry cloth to remove dust. Use warm water and mild soap to clean. Be careful not to soak the surface for long periods of time. Wipe away any remaining moisture with a dry cloth. 

Hardwood surfaces such as on the Florence Rectangular Dining Table and Deco Dining Chair just need a good wipe down. 

Keep wooden furniture away from prolonged direct sunlight as this can result in “spotting.” Helpful tip #3 – To reduce this effect, you can place a tablecloth over the surface to shield it from the sun.

Don’t place extremely hot or cold items on wooden furniture either, as they may warp the original surface. 

Add a layer of protective wax to your wooden furniture every season to keep it preserved, shiny, and happy. 

Lastly, be mindful of the fact that our beloved wooden furniture will age over time, just like us! Wood may lighten or darken and acquire new characteristics.

Vinyl/Polyurethane Care

Vinyl or polyurethane fabric is a durable, lightweight, and waterproof fabric that looks like a cross between plastic and leather. 

Clean vinyl fabric on a monthly basis to remove any build up of dust, dirt, food, or oils that may damage the fabric over time. Use a mild soap mixed in a very low concentration with water as a cleaning solution for vinyl fabric.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can use a vinyl conditioner monthly. Vinyl is a semi-porous material and a conditioner will help moisturize the fabric, as well as create a protective barrier. Helpful tip #4 – Using a humidifier in your home will protect vinyl fabric from drying out!

Marble Care

Marble is a natural material that is heavy, cool-to-the-touch, and oh-so-elegant. Unfortunately, marble is also very porous and sensitive. This means avoiding spills at all costs, but if they do occur, wiping them up immediately with a soft cloth. 

Avoid cleaning products around marble, especially all-natural ones made with lemon or vinegar, as marble is particularly sensitive to acid. 

Enjoy the Coasters are mandatory with marble tabletops like the Jinxx Dining Table. 

Concrete Care

We love concrete because it’s so low-maintenance! Any cleaning pro would agree that a lot of things just require a bit of elbow grease.  

Wipe concrete down regularly with water and a mild cleaning detergent. For a deeper clean, create a household spray of one part bleach and two parts water. Leave the spray on for 5 minutes and then wipe down with water again.

Avoid using traditional heavy acid cleaners which are designed for commercial use and are too corrosive for concrete furniture.

The best things in life require minimal cleaning–like the Pillar Cement Stool. 

Metal Care

Metal is another material that falls into the low-maintenance category. Due to its smooth, tough surface, all you really need is soapy water and a rag. 

The main worry with metal furniture is if it chips or scratches because then you may have to deal with rust or corrosion. If rusting occurs, clean the affected area with a wire brush or steel wool. Recoat the repaired area with an appropriate finish for metal surfaces to stop deterioration. 

Glass Care

Glass pieces tend to have a polished look (pun intended). Luckily, cleaning them is a breeze. Simply grab some Windex and paper towel or cloth, spray, wipe, and repeat! 

Wool Rug Care

Wool rugs will please eyes and feet alike. Like cushions and pillows, rugs should be rotated periodically to reduce potential fading, as well as uneven wear. 

For the first 2-3 months, wool rugs benefit from frequent vacuuming to help reduce the amount of shedding that occurs. This is especially true for rugs with short napped tufts.

The wool Calypso Rug is soft on the feet and durable enough to stand up to an active home.

For spills, blot immediately with a dry white cloth. Do not scrub or rub as this can break down the fibers and damage the pile. Continue blotting until all the liquid is absorbed. Blot again with a rag dampened with cold water or a cleaning product specifically designed for wool. Place another dry cloth over the spot and apply pressure, repeating until all moisture has been absorbed. 

Sheepskin Care

Cozy sheepskin is a popular fabric for rugs, throws, and pillows alike. But let’s be honest, those fluffy white tendrils look a little intimidating to deal with once a spill happens (which it will). 

Give your sheepskin some love by regularly brushing it to restore its silky appearance. Minor stains can be blotted with a damp cloth. Give your sheepskin a deep clean by taking it to the dry cleaner when it’s time (and you’ll know when it’s time). 

The Hunter Wool Pillow is softer than a cloud–just make sure to show it care. 

Cleaning your furniture is often one of those tasks that fall at the bottom of a to-do list, but given that furniture is such a focal point in a home, we should be cleaning it a bit more regularly. Give your pieces a bit of TLC, and they’ll be glowing this fall. 

The Most Popular Dining Room Chairs & Tables for 2019

August 26, 2019

What makes a Furniture company a step above the rest? Would you say it’s the selection, or the prices, or great customer service? Well, Moe’s Home Collection has all three plus so much more! Moes is your place for selecting dining pieces! Moes’ is the furniture company that commits to making the designs that are ideal for the modern home with a promise of making furniture that is assembled with great care and made from trusted sources.

This is the dependable furniture that you can count on. We also understand that dining room sets aren’t always easy to find. Whether you’re looking for the right size, the right color, the right style, etc. look no further! You’ll be happy to know that Moe’s has a big selection of dining room chairs and dining room tables that are uniquely designed and that do well to stand alone, but when paired together they are captivating! This is the place where you can find some of the most popular designs for dining room sets!



Are you looking to create the perfect dining experience for you and your loved ones? Do you love classic styles? Freeman Dining Chair Antique Black-M2 may be what you’re looking for. This is a rustic style that is made of leather and iron framing. Not looking for this style in black? No problem! This style also comes in brown and dark blue.


Another dining chair to love is the Ansel Dining Chair. This is another classic style that is made with hardwood and plywood frame and top grain leather.


Let your family dine in luxury with the Cleveland Dining Chair-M2. Specially designed, this is made with metal framing. This style is made up of lush polyester black or purple upholstery. This chair has a wide seat, key for comfort and rest.


This specially made dining chair is one of a kind. The injection foam makes it the ultimate choice for comfortable dining. This is not just a good choice for comfort but is a great choice for style. It is formed out of steel frame and made with 100% polyester. This style comes in the color grey.


Are you really looking to make a modern statement? Why not try the Delaney dining chair? It’s made with metal and is designed to fit under almost any table. Not only does it come in the color steel blue, but it also comes in beige, sky blue, and grey. This is a truly unique and fun design!


We know that matching dining room sets are the main attraction of your dining room. The dining chairs should match the dining tables just right. Your dining room table and your dining room chairs should express your individual look. Here are some of the most popular dining room tables!


The Kaia Oak is a smartly designed table that is also classic. This style is a beautiful light color, that is made with a solid oak wood top and a fiber-reinforced natural concrete base.


If you’re looking for a design that is sure to impress, then this may be your best choice. This designer style is made with a waxed white finish that gives it a unique pattern that looks like a piece of art. This is not only stylish but durable and lasting, and is made with solid oak.


This table is white with a clean glossy finish. This is the ideal choice to match white décor. There are so many ways to accessorize with this style, bold red, black and white, yellows, the choices are endless. The color is great to match with, but its oval top makes it distinct and extra special. This style comes in the color brown as well.

  • BIRD

If you like a modern and sleek style, take a look at the Bird design! This is another option if you’d like something that looks like a work of art. This elegant piece is made with an oak top and an iron base.


This modern dining table is sure to make a statement. Need durability? How does solid acacia wood sound? This piece is edgy and there are so many colors that would accent it well. This table is made with stained grey stained wood and an iron base.


This table is truly one of a kind! This is a piece that is made of smoked oat wood with a metal base. This is another great piece to make your eccentric dining experience complete.


This is one of the most classic styles but it is also one of the most versatile tables you’ll find. It is a great choice to match almost any chair style with. It is made with a beautiful solid walnut top that has a matte finish.

Moe’s furniture is the brand that you can count on for contemporary pieces! Each design is unique and special. Though we’ve only mentioned a few of the most popular dining furniture styles, you can be sure that everything in the inventory is something to be excited about but don’t stop there! There are also special accessories to complement each look. So what are you waiting for? Find your perfect style at a dealer near you! 

Everything You Need to Know About Modular Sofas

August 23, 2019

nathaniel sofa

Today we’re going to be talking about modular sofas. Modular sofas are becoming more and more popular for small and large spaces alike. But before we dive into why that is, let’s review what “modular” really means. 

“Modular design” is a term that is used when a whole unit is made up of smaller modules, or pieces (like a pizza!) So a modular sofa is a sofa broken up into chair-sized pieces like chaises, corner seats, and ottomans. These pieces can be arranged to create a U shaped or L shaped sofa configuration, or they can be spaced out to create smaller seating arrangements. Handy, right?

The advantages of modular sofas

1. Ultimate customization – A modular sofa allows you to create the perfect seating arrangement for your room. Each piece is sold separately from a series, like our new Tumble Collection, so you can decide on how many seats you need and what size and shape you are going for. You can even mix and match colors as with our Nathaniel Collection, which comes in light grey, red, green, and blue. 

2. Adaptable to any room – Modular sofas utilize the space they are given. If the sofa doesn’t fit the way you intended, you can simply remove one module and place it in a different way or even in a different room. 

3. Allows for quick design changes – Modular sofas are an easy and quick way to change the layout of a room at no cost. 

4. Fits the needs of your guests – A quick connection of all of the modules creates a full sofa so that your guests can sit down and spend time together. You can also smoothly detach individual seats if someone prefers some personal space. The ottoman can be used as a footrest, seat, or table top. And if anyone needs a place to crash, modules can be put together to create separate and comfortable beds. 

5. Easy to assemble – Each module can be easily connected,  disconnected, and moved around a room. This ease of assembly is a great feature for design changes and moving. 

clay living

Don’t be fooled by its ethereal glow. Our Clay Dream Modular Sectional is the ultimate family sofa. It’s made with stain-resistant and moisture-repellent technology so that you don’t have to worry about spills.

The look of a modular sofa

Modular sofas are designed with simplicity in mind, like our Luxe Signature Modular Sectional, made with buttery brown top-grain leather. The individual pieces are simple in form, and together, they create a harmonious whole. Because of this, they give a room an ultra-modern look and feel. 

Modular sofas have a solid, uniform look with deep seating and low backs. Due to their expansive layout, they tend to anchor down a room. And as the focal point in your space, they have a welcoming look that invites you to sprawl out and get comfy. With limitless space, they’re the ultimate lounge area. The result is a sofa that is both massive and cozy at the same time: the best of both worlds, right?

The best part about these structures is that they’re anything but fixed. As we’ve already discussed, modular sofas are highly customizable, which means you get a fresh, dynamic space every time.

justin living

Sink into the plush seats of the Justin Living Sectional. We’re not exaggerating when we say you’ll never want to get up! 

The pieces of a modular sofa

When it comes to modular sofas, the sky (okay, and the size of your space) is the limit! Check out the star pieces of a modular sofa. 

“The Slipper Chair”

tumble slipper chair

“The Ottoman” 

“The Corner Chair”

tumble corner chair

For those who need inspiration for building their lounge look, modular sofas can also be bought as entire sofas ready to go. These are the different types Moe’s Home Collection offers:

“The Nook”

“The Classic L”

“The Dream”

the dream clay

If you’re on the sofa hunt, you should give modular couches a try. Due to them being highly customizable and versatile, they end up being a great investment for any home. But the best part may just be the personal freedom you get in decorating your space. So, get to know our modular sofas above, get out the measuring tape, and get ready to build the plushest oasis yet! 

7 Great Desks For Getting Work Done

August 21, 2019

kattan desk

Whether you’re going back to school, working on a passion project, or trying to get organized, everyone deserves a zen space to get their work done. Doing homework at the kitchen table, on the sofa, or worse–in bed–is not ideal. Having a designated work desk will keep your organized, focused, and save the rest of your home for relaxing! A good desk will make getting work done a little less stressful. The best desk might even make work enjoyable! 

When choosing a desk, you’ll want to pick one that suits your responsibilities and work style. Take these factors into consideration when picking a desk:

  1. Style – Are you looking for a simple table or a fully functioning workstation?
  2. Size – Are you okay with a corner desk or do you need something more expansive?
  3. Shape – Do you prefer rectangular, L-shaped, curved, or a standing desk?
  4. Construction – Do you prefer wood, metal, or glass?
  5. Storage – Do you require drawers, shelving, or filing cabinets?

Take notes on the following 7 great desks for getting work done. These stylish and functional desks will pass every test!

1. The Kattan Desk

The down-to-earth looking Kattan Desk is perfect for a student who requires a lot of elbow space for late-night study sessions. It leaves room for your laptop, textbooks, a cup of coffee, and study snacks!  Made from golden brown mango wood, natural variations in the wood grain give this desk a one-of-a-kind feel. A sturdy iron base balances out its earthy top.

Style – rustic, bohemian, industrial

Features – spacious tabletop, plenty of legroom, two hidden drawers ideal for storing papers, notebooks, and a laptopkattan desk

2. The Tyler Desk

Who knew getting work done could look so classy? The Tyler Desk is designed from darkened mango wood and a gold-finished iron frame for a glam look; It’s the perfect space to work on a fashion blog! This desk won’t compromise your style and it offers plenty of function with two hidden sliding drawers. 

Style – glam, contemporary modern

Features – two hidden sliding drawers for storing your office supplies

the tyler desk

 3. The Colvin Desk

The Colvin Desk embodies a sleek industrial design perfect for every multitasker.  Storage and organization are easy with a single drawer and a large adjacent shelf. Made of solid mango wood and iron framing, this desk’s organic finish is warm and inviting, making your workdays feel less like workdays.

Style – industrial, rustic

Features – spacious tabletop, plenty of legroom, hidden storage space for putting away your papers and laptop


4. The Reale Desk 

Walnut veneer sits on a steel frame for an industrial look that says you’re an artist or a designer. The Reale Desk offers an abundance of space for drawing sketches or working on a tablet. There’s also a generous amount of hidden storage space for all of your art supplies. 

Style – industrial, contemporary modern

Features – spacious tabletop, plenty of legroom, hidden storage space with three sliding drawers to organize your papers and supplies

reale desk5. The Blossom Desk

The Blossom Desk makes getting work done a piece of cake. Its sleek, minimal design makes this the perfect spot for making a grocery list, catching up on emails, or writing a journal entry. Its smaller size makes it easily adaptable into any space. 

Style – contemporary modern

Features – hidden storage space with a sliding drawer and an adjacent open compartment, matches with other pieces from our Blossom Collection for a streamlined look, smaller size fits easily in any space

blossom desk

6. The Madagascar Desk

Work feels more like a vacation when you’re working from a tropical desk like this! The Madagascar Desk features solid, live-edge acacia wood, with a warm brown finish that highlights its natural wood grain. This desk will create a sunny look in your workspace. 

Style – rustic, bohemian

Features – spacious tabletop, storage space with two sliding drawers and a shelf, matches with other pieces from our Madagascar Collection for a streamlined look

madagascar desk7. The Obra Desk

The Obra Desk is the perfect showpiece to make your workspace feel truly unique. Its golden-finished iron frame gives it a pop of color to show off your style. Meanwhile, its smaller size makes it easily adaptable into any space. It’s the perfect spot to write down all of your creative ideas!   

Style – contemporary modern, glam

Features – hidden storage space with a sliding drawer and an adjacent open compartment to put away your notebooks and laptop, smaller size fits easily in any space

obra desk

Vancouver born and internationally-based, Moe’s Home Collection offers a variety of products to suit a range of styles and budgets. We want to make your house not only a home but also your personal oasis. Having the ultimate workspace is part of that! Check out the rest of our desk selection here.

The Best of Las Vegas Market | July 2019

August 16, 2019

Thank you, Las Vegas for another successful tradeshow! We loved meeting you all at Showroom C474. In case you missed it, check out a few of our favourite pieces below.

1. Belagio Sofa Bed with Chaise

There’s nothing better than a sofa that serves a dual purpose–especially in a small space. The Belagio Sofa Bed has you covered with its comfortable sofa by day and bed by night. Complete with a chaise, this sofa bed optimizes your space.

belagio sofa bed

2. Achromatic Wall Décor

Personalize a bare space with the sweeping Achromatic Wall Décor. A rough, unfinished feel gives this piece an edgy look. Don’t worry, the simple achromatic colors in this artwork let your room do the talking.

achromatic wall decor

3. Privado Storage Coffee Table

The Privado Storage Coffee Table features a sleek design that keeps storing your living room essentials in mind. Just slide the top over for easy access to TV remotes, magazines, coasters and more!

privado storage coffee table

4. Cave Magazine Rack

Sometimes you need a side table that can do more than just hold a cup of coffee and a lamp. That’s why we decided to design the Cave Magazine Rack. Not only is this table named after one of the world’s earliest magazine publishers, but it’s also multifunctional and stylish.

cave magazine rack

5. Howell Dining Table

With a live edge, the Howell Dining Table is the center of all the fun. Made with natural solid acacia wood and iron legs, this table features its own unique combination of knots and grain. Whether you’re looking for an industrial or contemporary modern piece, this table will be the perfect fit.

howell dining table

6. Jinxx Side Table

There’s been no better pairing since wine and cheese. With a solid Satwaria marble tabletop, the Jinxx Side Table showcases the best of nature’s work. Solid acacia legs form an airy base.

jinxx side table

Las Vegas showroom virtual tour

Take a virtual tour of our Las Vegas showroom to see items that you loved and others that you may have missed on your visit.

Show us your wings photo op

This market, we had a complimentary photo op at our showroom. We loved watching our guests have fun in front of the camera with our signature wings. Stay tuned for our next photo op in October!

In N Out lunch

Walking around market sure builds up an appetite! We served our guests a catered lunch from the popular fast-food chain, In N Out Burger. We’re still thinking about those fries!

las vegas market

Vegas 2020, we’re coming for you!

It’s time for a little R&R, but we’ll see you next year at our Las Vegas tradeshow from January 26 – 30, 2020.

Best Dining Room Furniture for Your Home

August 15, 2019

Dining Room Furniture

When decorating your home whether it be for the first time or a complete re-decorating attempt it is important to know what furniture to buy and how to arrange it in order to make it look great and also be functional for the space. When buying furniture and decorating your dining room try to find items that are updated, match your existing furniture and fit the space well. The top ten of our  favorite pieces for a dining or living room are listed below.

Modern straight legged table from the Bent Collection

The modern straight legged table is a great addition to anyone’s dining room and dining room set. The modern look is sharp, looks classy and will match almost anything that is also of modern style. You can choose from a wide range of colors and styles that will add class to the everyday look. Dining furniture also needs to be tough and resilient so that it can last the everyday use it will receive.

Drop Leaf Dining room table

A drop leaf dining room table is the perfect addition to your dining room furniture because you can do a lot with it. They come in many different styles and designs and are convenient to use and maintain. Since the drop leaf insert comes in and out easily, you can choose how long or short you need your table to be, which really is a practical feature.

Rounded Country Style Table

If your living room furniture has a cottage or country look, it would be a great idea to add the rounded country style table to your dining room design. Rounded tables are great for fitting into tight spaces and also serve their purpose quite well. These country style tables come in different colors, designs and stains in order to meet the needs and suit the style of any dining room.

Sierra Bench Seats

Bench seat would be an another cool furniture to add to your dining room table. Benches are really fun to sit on and add a homey comfortable look to your design. You can even dress it up with different colored cushions to give it more style. The Sierra bench is a great option if your trying to get a rustic yet modern look to your dining room.

Corner Stand

If your looking to add furniture to your dining room that will also add some depth and design, a corner stand with shelves is a great addition. You can put whatever decorations you want on the 

shelves while also getting different colors of stains and metal designs to get the look you want!

6.Modern Dining Room Design

If your going for more of a modern look and design, you might want your dining room to look that way too. Try going for a sleek modern dining room table and chair set. Stick to blacks and whites with only slight pops of color in order to keep the modern look you desire.

Dining Room Side Table

Side tables are a great way to add design and style to any room in your house. If you add a nice little side table that can hold your photos, frames and other decorative items it will give the room more personality and make you feel better each time you go into it. These are also a great way to fill space if you have a larger sized dining room.

Large Dining Room Vase

Although it is more of a decorative item than a piece of furniture, adding a large ground vase to your dining room with some really pretty colorful flowers will lighten up the space and make your dining room really pop! You can set it in a corner near your table for a nice elegant addition that will look beautiful while you enjoy your meal.

Hanging Plants

Another great addition to your dining room is hanging plants. Hanging plants not only look great but they keep the room feeling fresh and open. You can choose any plant really, hanging ivy is our personal favorite but flowers and greenery work great too.

Decorative Shelves

Finally, if you want to spruce up your dining room with modern furniture and new and improved designs, decorative shelves are a great way to do so. You can put anything you want on them and they will make your otherwise flat design look vibrant. 

Shop these and more such beautiful contemporary pieces of furniture for you home at MoesHome, where you will be able to select from a wide range of supreme quality products at reasonable rates. 

Looking for a dining table set? Know which Shape will Work Best For Your Space?

August 10, 2019

dining table set

The Interior Space of Dining

When choosing a dining table, there are many facets to take into account and to analyze as you go through your search. Furthermore, there is much more involved than just preferring one shape over another particular shape. 

The two main aspects to consider are the shape and the size of your dining room area. Hence, it is recommended to look intently at the interior and the amount of space that you have designated for dining. Nevertheless, also the number of people that you can seat and hold in your dining room area, and at your dining room table. 

As you continue moving forward in your search, you will find that certain shapes are suited for particular areas and in certain conditions. Moreover, when you are able to combine and match the space of both the dining room and the table, you will be able to create a model that makes your space look and function better. 

The Many Shapes of a Dining Room

Dining room tables come in a wide variety of different shapes and models; there are rectangular, square, round, and oval dining room table shapes. Utilizing a rectangular dining table is one of the most common when choosing a dining room table sets in your home. Also, when you have a dining room table in the shape of a rectangle, you will be able to seat more than four people which is really good for when you have friends and family over to your home. 

Even if you prefer a small dining table set, it is still of great benefit to have a rectangular type shape table to meet the needs of your family. Whenever you are choosing any dining room set it is very important to consider and to fully examine the options that are available as far as the shape that appeals to you. Then, there are square dining room tables which are also a good solution when seating a large group of guests most of the time. 

Moreover, when you have a square dining room table, you have the option to expand with the leaves in order to seat more guests, and you have more dining table chairs. Interestingly, you can even take two square tables and merge them to create a larger table arrangement for special occasions.

The Space of a Coffee Table

Choosing a coffee table sounds simple at first, however, there is much more beyond the surface when finding the right choice that fits your space. First, you certainly want your coffee table to be the right size, and to fit perfectly within the boundaries of your living room. Then, making sure that the coffee room table works well with your lifestyle as well as in the living room. 

Also, it needs to be a great fit for your family, whether it has to be suitable for children or even in terms of the amount of storage and room that it provides. Make sure that your coffee table sets are compatible and in harmony according to the essential elements of your family. 

Looking intently into whether a rectangular, or square shape coffee room table would be the ideal choice for you as you narrow your options to one final choice. Only after you have given full consideration to all of these aspects will you come to realize the best choice for you as well as your family. 

The Dining Choice of your Space

Overall, we have deeply examined the various elements to give attention to when choosing your dining options. In the end, the choice is yours to find and discover the dining table that will relate and suit all of your requirements and interests. The interior that you choose in relation to your dining area will certainly add marvel and elegance to your home. 

Finding excellent options for dining furniture is well worth the consistent effort when you consider the end result that it has upon you. Moreover, it will certainly be a visual appeal to your family as well as the guests that you invite over. Nevertheless, it is beneficial to their needs and the interests of your guests as well. 

Yes, you can feel extremely comfortable in your living space, and your expectations will certainly be met by means of the choice that you made. Moreover, you can be completely confident and satisfied with the choice that you made regarding your dining space.