10 Tips & Tricks for Small Space Living

August 7, 2019

Living in the city has its perks: countless coffee shops and bars, a close proximity to events and festivals, great shopping, and a closeness to work for many. However, living downtown often means compromising the amount of square footage you have to work with. But smaller spaces don’t have to leave you feeling like you’re living in a box. They simply mean you have to get strategic while designing your space. 

With modern studios, tiny homes, holiday cabins, and capsule hostels on the rise, living in smaller spaces is becoming more and more common. Check out the following tips and tricks for small space living below. 

1. Minimalism is key.

When living in a small space, you’re forced to be a minimalist. Take a page from Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo and get rid of stuff that doesn’t “spark joy” for you. Remember, a lot of things can be recycled, donated, or gifted to someone who will appreciate them more–and has the space! Don’t forget to get clear out items that are in hiding: sentimental clutter like holiday cards and knick-knacks, as well as broken items that you won’t get around to fixing. 

2. Downsize.

The word ‘downsize’ often gets a bad rap, but downsizing simply means reducing things in size or eliminating anything unnecessary. Don’t worry, downsizing doesn’t mean you’ll be eating dinner on the sofa because you got rid of your favorite dining table. But do you really require a dining table and a kitchen bar? Are you really using all of the work desks in your home? You can still have all the perks of a big house: a sofa, kitchen table, office desk, you name it. Just think smaller to save space. Hanging on to large or unneeded furniture will only dwarf your small home more.

small space living

3. Think modular.

Modular furniture design adapts to any room–big or small–and thus, saves valuable space in your home. Modular furniture tends to stack, fold, nest, and expand making it very small space friendly. Some examples of modular furniture include:

  1. Sectional sofas made up of individual seats and ottomans 
  2. Nesting side tables that stack 
  3. Desks that fold vertically into a wall
  4. Sofa bedssmall space living

4. Create lots of storage.

Whether your home is big or small, who doesn’t love storage? Make sure to get the most out of your storage space by organizing your valuable square footage. Plus, it will help you find things easier! Here are some ways to add storage to your small space:

  1. A storage bed (plus, find out how to make the most of your storage bed)
  2. A storage sofa
  3. A coffee table with double tiers, shelving, or drawers
  4. Floating shelves
  5. Shelving inside of closets
  6. Baskets and bins to slide into shelves

5. Utilize corners.

Maximizing space in a small home is a must, and that means using every nook and cranny! Place desks and tables in corners to create more room. Add floating shelves above to decorate for a homier feel, as well as to create additional space for your things. 

6. Try clear furniture.

Using clear or transparent furniture is a trick all interior designers love. It gives the illusion of a bigger space because the transparency allows light to pass through, which also makes your space look less cluttered! Try clear chairs at your kitchen table, or opt for a glass coffee table for a chic look.

7. Use mirrors.

Like clear furniture, mirrors are another popular life hack for creating the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors open up a room by reflecting light and adding dimension. Try placing a large mirror directly above your sofa, dining table, or bed for a welcoming look. 

8. Think light.

While darker colours give a room an inviting feeling, lighter colours reflect light and open up a space, making it feel larger. Opt for white walls, light wood flooring, and creamy carpets to optically expand the size of your small home. To keep your home feeling cozy, add darker furniture or fabrics. 

9. Go vertical with plants.

Love plants but don’t have the floor space for them? Go vertical and hang them from walls or ceilings to make your small space look more dynamic. You can’t go wrong with plants because although they take up space, incorporating them into your home will reap many benefits including creating a more relaxing environment. 

small space living

10. Get outside!

You’re most likely living in a smaller home so that you can enjoy the outdoors more, whether you’re living in a cabin in the woods or an apartment in the city. Get a breath of fresh air, explore your surroundings, and enjoy!

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