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Moe's Blog Aug 1, 2016 • 03:12 Posted by MOE's

Working from home can be both wonderful and sometimes challenging. While you are free to operate under your own hours, and come into work wearing exactly what you want, you also have to discipline yourself to structure your time and space accordingly. One thing that can really help increase productivity working from home is setting up an organized and stylish home office. A space where everything has its place, and includes both a desk to work at and a comfortable chair to think through ideas. See our take on the modern home office and shop the look below!

Modern Office At Home By Moe's

Modern Office At Home By Moe's

  1. Blossom Desk

  2. Blossom Bookshelf Small

  3. Ronda Arm Chair Blue

  4. Houston Club Chair With Tufts

  5. Alligator Sculpture On Stand

  6. Splash Wall Décor W/ Frame

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