How to Style Your Shelves

Moe's Blog Jan 8, 2016 • 10:06 Posted by MOE's

How to Style Your Shelves Like a Pro


Perfectly styled shelves can elevate your space and complete a room. Displaying your books, and art along with some key interior accent pieces, can showcase your style and passions. Here are some key tips for styling your shelves like a pro.

1) Layer, layer and then layer some more. Interior decorating guru Emily Henderson states that it’s best to  “mix up the textures, sizes, styles and tones, but stay within your color palette”

2) Use interesting objects, like Moe’s Alligator Sculpture  to bring different dimensions to your shelves

3) Layer books underneath vases or other small objects, to both serve as a display podium and to provide several interests in one place

4) Work assymetricaly but try to balance the eye, by placing larger items onto the shelves first, and ending with the smallest objects

5) Fill it! Usually less is more, but with styling shelves, layers can work magic, so keep layering until you hit the sweet spot. And don’t fret, even top interior designers play around with the shelves a few times before getting it right. So have fun, and style away!

How to Style Your Shelves Like a Pro


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