Instagram Snapshot: April 2015 @Moeshome

Moe's Blog Apr 30, 2015 • 10:55 Posted by MOE's

Move over April, May has arrived. We got a fresh start to spring this past month, setting up seasonal arrangements, showing our wares at the always-popular High Point Market, and snapping plenty of pics along the way. Don’t miss a moment, follow us on Instagram at @moeshome to keep design inspiration at your fingertips.

Clockwise from top left.

[24] Putting it in its place. Warren pulled this living room together with the Tux Terrier Wall Decor.

[35] The Brooklyn Collection is the definition of industrial-chic. Our followers were quick to give this shot the double-tap.

[33] The Rustic Teak Root Tray brimming with fresh citrus fruits made for a simple centerpiece that captured plenty of Insta-attention.

[30] All hail, High Point Market. This season’s hottest home furnishings industry trade show was filled with styled spaces begging to be captured on camera.

[27] Try a modern twist on Mexican design elements. Followers took to their phones to show appreciation for the bold Maze Compote Bowl in blue.

[32] Our Vintage Coffee Table and Stitch Rugs created a rustic room with a modern twist at High Point Market. Followers couldn’t resist showing love for this shot. 

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