Instagram Snapshot: January 2015 @MOESHOME

Moe's Blog Jan 31, 2015 • 01:10 Posted by MOE's

Believe it or not, January is coming to an end. From brand new products to a swath of styling projects, this has been a month to remember. With such an incredible start to 2015, we couldn’t help but share our favourite Instagram moments with you. Missed these stylish snapshots? Follow us at @moeshome and never skip a pic.

Clockwise from left.

[26] Gene, assistant manager at the Vancouver store, set things straight on the Greta King Bed in this behind the scenes snapshot.

[24] Followers were enticed by our Crocodile Skull’s glittering gold teeth.

[32] The pops of colour surrounding the sleek Braga Dining Tablewowed our Insta-crowd.

[30] An injection of bright yellow to the Bric Sectional’s neutral palette stole followers “hearts.”

[26] Thumbs were quick to double-tap the Ardea Coffee Table’s minimalist-industrial design.

[17] Go with the grain. This bright snapshot, showcasing the Sophie Conran Collection, caught the attention of our followers.

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