Instagram Snapshot: October 2014 @MOESHOME

Moe's Blog Oct 30, 2014 • 11:33 Posted by MOE's

Creating a comfortable yet stylish space requires a balance between form and function, not to mention a little flair. This October was all about showcasing forward-thinking design, topped by our appearance at High Point Market.

Step inside our followers’ favourite Instagram posts this month and follow us at @moeshome for an inside look at all things MOE’S.

Clockwise from left.

[46] Our followers loved the naked wood texture of our Boneta Dining Table. We’re going with the grain on this trend.

[44] Dark brown upholstery took a backseat to blond-toned wood in this modern styled living room.

[42] This vintage-chic Canal Sofa brings presence to any space, making it a must-have on the list of our likers.

[23] Moe Jr. captured the hearts of our followers with his dedication to the job, even off the clock at High Point Market.

[31] We offered up a new lease on shelf life with our beautiful Bliss Open Bookshelf with Drawers, offering a novel way to keep your home stylish and organized. 

Reserved: 30Reserved: 30

[32] Not all artwork is rendered equal. Our watercolour Velvet Cushions are the perfect example of functional art on a cozy (fabric) canvas.

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