Instagram Snapshot: September 2014 @MOESHOME

Moe's Blog Sep 30, 2014 • 09:59 Posted by MOE's

Fall has officially arrived – but before the rain becomes the weather du jour, let the summer months linger a little longer with a recap of our favourite Instagram moments from sunny September. Want to sneak a peek at our snapshots before everyone else? Follow us on Instagram at @moeshome!

Clockwise from left

Have you gotten the MOE’S Reno Rundown? Our Instagram followers were the first to know about our third floor renovation, which is now open!

These sleek Flute Vases caught the collective eyes of our followers and captured 14 “hearts”!

Moe Jr. and Moe Sr. took off to NYC and Shanghai to seek out the latest goods and trends – and caught a little local culture, too.

Moe Jr. spotted this little piggy in Shanghai and it quickly became a favourite with our followers.

Wine connoisseurs flocked to this stylish snapshot, including our Marino Shelf – perfect for storing those soon-to-be swilled bottles of vino.

The view is no match for this chic Romano Sectional, and our followers appeared to agree!

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